2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting Back on Track

We are now 6 days back into work, 2 days back out in turnout, and all is looking good! Well Im sure that the riding part isn't looking so great. You dont really realize how much a month and a half of no real riding (I do ride an AQHA for a guy once a week but its western and is nothing like how Pony and I were working) does to you and your horse until you get back on. Talk about UGLY! Ok, he goes around fine and Im sure he looks worlds better than he feels but I feel like I have never ridden a dressage test in my life. You know, like those gamers that just flop around on top of their horse? Yeah thats how I imagine what I look like riding at the moment. We are both out of shape for the work so I try to keep the work hard enough that we are working for it but with lots of little walk breaks in between. Honestly its so bad that our down transitions are crap, he is throwing his body every which way, and he tries rooting the reins out of my hands so there are plenty of 'easy' things to be working on without worrying about pushing him back into work soon. It really is amazing how much correct dressage work can improve a horses gaits, it will be really nice once I have the same horse back pre-month and a half off!
A nice bareback hack

He gets serious hang time being so wide haha

He has been doing great with turnout also which I have been semi worried about. On Tuesday I turned him out loose in the arena after our ride so that he could have a little run/roll if he wanted. He is so cute, if I start right next to him and run he will canter behind me all around the arena. I was even doing roll backs and such and he stuck with me, adorable. Then just to be careful I asked if he could be turned out alone in a smaller pasture. The boys pasture tends to get rowdy and Mystic always get picked on/bugged by the other boys and is total low man in the group so I didnt want to risk just turning him straight back out with them. He will stay in the smaller pasture alone for a couple of days before going back out in the big pasture. One thing I have enjoyed about the stall rest is how clean he stays, for the most part! Its amazing how muddy he can get even in his full body armor blanket!
All dressed up to play in his Christmas new black dressage pad

I am hoping to get a lesson on the last Monday of the month to start helping us get back on track. Hopefully our rides until then will keep improving! Applications to be a demo rider at the Horse Expo for the dressage clinic are due mid February and we have to send in a video of us doing all our 2nd level work so we need to be back up to speed before then if we want to have a chance to go. Who knows if we would even get picked but it is worth a shot for a free clinic spot!