2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, January 3, 2014

Indy 500 Pony Style

Im not sure if I have mentioned her before but a good boarder friend is also currently dealing with a nasty abscess in her 9 month old filly leaving both our ponies jail bound. Mystic has been extremely good considering he has been in a stall for over a month now but he still loves to get a good roll in the arena after hand walking (I let him loose and he rolls). We have both turned our horses out in the arena alone to blow off some steam and Pony just rolls and hangs out by me. So last night I figured we could just turn them both out in the arena together and I was certain Pony would just roll and swore up and down that he wouldnt run, after all he is a fat out of shape pony! Boy did he prove me wrong! Mystic and Jolene ran like they were in the Indy 500 doing laps around the arena. I have never seen him play like that. It did make me nervous a little just because he is so much bigger than her but all was well. I finally caught him once he came running back to me because they had been running and running for quite a while and although I figured this would be a good soundness test I didnt really want to break him should it be something bigger. At this point if he comes up really lame today then I know I just need to have the vet back out for X-rays and if he isnt any worse then we will just keep on keeping on until it is all better. He got his whole fancy trot going on last night and he looked pretty good. Obviously it didnt hurt too bad with how he was running around!

Video evidence that Pony can run:
(Dont mind my commentary haha)

It was a good thing that I finished body clipping him just before we let them run! We then walked them around for about 20 minutes after that before calling it a night. Fingers crossed I dont have a lamer pony tonight.

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