2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, July 25, 2011

A day of firsts

Mystic man went on his first xc adventure yesterday and was a total star! He did all the questions we asked him from the water (took the most convincing!), to logs, ditches, and down banks. This was his first time ever jumping (has only done a trot pole once in his life), going through the water there, going over a ditch, down a down bank, being out alone, and he even cantered some logs! I could not be any happier with this guy. He walked right down the down bank with no hesitation, trotted over his very first log after a quick look and went over the ditch like it wasnt even there. By the end he was cantering two logs, cantering the water, and even put 3 obstacles together and trotted them. We didnt stay out long or jump much at all as he is still young but we wanted to expose him to it early to see how he reacted and to get the water training down early. Lets just say he passed with flying colors and you can bet you will be seeing him at some recognized 3 days next year! He heads to his first dressage show next Saturday then in August he has atleast one dressage show, possibly a combined test, and the state fair. Im SO proud of him!

On another note Sky got all four shoes on today! She needed some sedative to help he stay still and not kick but overall it went really good besides her peeing on him LOL! While she was sedated I took advantage and pulled her mane more, it is almost done! Hopefully shoes does the job, im still thinking I might have the chiropractor out  if I can get him out soon. I will get pictures of her today!
Pictures DO NOT do this horse justice! Especially since she never seems to have her ears up lol

I took advantage of her being sedated today and pulled her mane a lot :)

She really is happy most of the time!

This horse is going to be drop dead gorgeous with more weight and muscle!

My pony and my puppy!

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  1. She is lucky to have you Tarra. She already looks better!