2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, July 28, 2011

If it seems to perfect to last then it is...

Well surprise, surprise life throws me another curve ball... After thinking that the shoes did the trick my mare seems lame again. She worked really well and is actually doing super well on the lunge line and is picking it up really quickly but towards the end she seemed a little off. It was hard to tell and I really need to take her to a bigger place to get a better idea. I will see how she looks in the morning. She also literally tried to kick my head off today while I was picking up her hind feet again. I thought we had solved that issue also with the shoes but I guess not. Im not talking threatening to kick im talking full out cow kicking to try and get me and kicked HARD. When I put the lead rope around her leg to pick it up so I wouldn't get kicked she was ripping it out of my hands she was kicking so hard. I honestly dont even know where to start if she is still lame tomorrow. Do I go the chiro route or take her back to the vet because its hard to tell really where it was. Will the chiro just make it worse if thats not the issue? Will she try to kick his head off also? Im not sure. Just kind of left disappointed now and not knowing what to do next. I guess time will tell...

On a good note (who woulda thought I had one of those?) my black and white pony is the best in the world :) He had a great lesson with Alanna last night and im so happy with his progress. I know that I cant get him as far as he can get alone and am SO thankful that im starting lessons with Mary. I also told Alanna she can take her lessons on him the weekends I dont if she wants because its good for him and she doesnt have a horse to ride all the time (right now, we will find her one!). I cant wait to see how he does at the show! He is my little perfect man :)

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