2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is what summer is all about!

Im not sure this day could have been any better besides me going to sleep before 1 in the morning right now. The day started off great! Got to sleep in on a horse show day, never had that happen before! Get to barn and Mystic is still white and bright. Loads great and we are on the road. We get almost to the show (so we think) and get totally lost. Our mapquest direction majorly failed us. Luckily we knew where Nancy McNights was because we stopped there and asked for directions. So about 30 after we should have arrived we got there. I ran to check in as Alanna and my mom tacked Mystic up. They were un able to move my ride time so I had a whooping 15 minutes to warm up! Good thing my horse is a star! It wasnt his best work during the test but is was not terrible either, and considering the circumstances it was great! It being his first show was respectable (especially compared to some other rides done by older horses). However I was going to do my best to help him have a better second test. Who would have thought that if you just ride your horse how you want them to go they will just do it! Our second test felt way better and over all I was so happy with how he did. So we threw his halter on and let him graze as we sat and talked in the shade for a little before I go see if scores were out from the first test. Im looking through the tests and lookie there... Mystic man just won his first blue ribbon and bag of treats (cant forget those!)! We got a 68 percent! So I go back and tell him how good he is and we look over the test, watch a few more rides, look at pictures, etc before I go looking for the scores for my second test. And guess what I found this time? My little stud won himself two blue ribbons at his first dressage show! This time his score was even better, 71%!! Needless to say I am so happy with how today went. We can only getting better, especially starting our lessons this week :) Now I need to be patient and wait till next months show!

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  1. I want you to know I read every post on here. They make both Jeff and I smile from ear to ear! Thanks for this blog!