2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where is my good luck?!

It all started Sunday.I had taken Sky on a trail ride because she looked sound since she got here. Well later that night she wasnt. Im not sure exactly whats up but I am really starting to like her and get attached to her already so that was a huge bummer. Then Monday night after getting back from a great night watching fireworks in Brownsville (worrying about my ponies the whole time!) we came home to find one of our dogs had gotten out of her collar, climbed her kennel fence, then climbed the fence off the property. I hadnt even really worried about the dogs because they had all seen/heard fireworks before but I was wrong. So we drove down out road and up in the forest with no luck at all. So we came home, got to work on fliers, craigslist, reporting lost dog online at the humane society, etc. Mind you this is at midnight. If you cant tell it was a pretty sleepless night. Then today one of my horses, Tolo, decided to try and eat a can of Blu-Kote I accidentally left out after treating Skys owies. He bit through the metal container making it shoot out everywhere. Since it was in his mouth he had it all over his mouth. Wondering how long my horse had to live I called the vet. He laughed at me and said he could send me a brochure on how to feed horses if I would like LOL! He said watch him close but he should be fine. Luckily he is fine, his mouth on the other hand is solid purple! His lips, tongue, and gums are all bright purple and will be for a couple days. He is one strange horse! Hopefully my luck starts going up, Im not sure how much more of this I can take!
Dont let the face fool you, she LOVES to be loved on!

She snuggles :)
Waiting for her ointment stuff to be put on

I may make some rude faces sometimes but please dont leave!

Alive and standing after his incident lol

You cant really see it in any of them but his tongue, gums and lips are bright purple

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  1. Your horse is a major dork! And it looks like Miss Sky is totally loving you. I have a vet appointment for Pretty on Thursday. She's getting her mouth checked out.