2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, July 4, 2011

One Blog is Enough!!

Ok so I am the worlds worst blogger so I have decided just to use one blog for all three of my ponies! That way I will update more often hopefully :)
First off Mystic and Tolo have a new sister now! Her name is Skies the Plan, she is a registered Thoroughbred mare who is 7 years old and raced till this year. She is a big (around 16.3 maybe?) solid bay. She was a rescue of course, on her way to the feedlot before I got her. One of my best friends got a little filly from the same place Sky was at to so we made the journey together to pick them up. She is super sweet, loves to be with you and falls asleep when you groom her. She is thin for my liking (in race horse condition) and has very little muscle in her hind end which we will work on! I took her on her first trail ride yesterday (after having her for less then 24 hours haha) and she was GREAT! I was so happy with her. Then last night I went out and she was pretty sore in her hind end... I was told she got cast in her stall at the racetrack so she may have just thrown her hip out. Hopefully she just needs an adjustment because I really like her! She got all hosed off, legs washed, tail washed and trimmed, her mane trimmed, owies all cleaned and medicated (including her nasty hind legs that she did who knows what to), her teets cleaned and fly repellent applied to her poor belly that was all eaten up. She is such a lover and comes to me when I go out there and just loves to be loved on! Here are some pictures from us bringing them home to yesterday. I need some new ones of her hair cut still :)
Right after loading in to our trailer

Loving the hay in the trailer
Sky on the left and Pretty on the right :)

Tolo and Sky meeting

First ride since being raced was on the trails, call me brave or call me stupid haha

Such a pretty girl!

As for Tolo and Mystic. Tolo is just hanging out. I have a young girl coming to try him out to lease him on Friday so hopefully he is on his best behavior! Mystic is Mystic. Always on his best behavior and is just a blast to ride. He is coming along SOOOOO good and I am so happy with our progress! Here is a link to a video I took 2 weeks ago or so of his Auntie Alanna riding him! 2nd time she had really ridden him since he has been going so great under saddle!

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  1. It's a good idea to do all three horses on one blog. That's what I am doing from here on out! It's just that much easier. I'm glad your mare is so good!