2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not as bad as we thought!

Im very excited to say that all the pretty mare needs are some dancing shoes to keep her heels off the ground and allow more heel growth! Although it will require a full set of shoes. Therefore meaning I will most likely have to have her sedated for this time atleast because she isnt the best with her back legs and I like my farrier and would like him to continue doing my horses so having her take his head off isnt an option :) I also started her to grain for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Hopefully we can get some fat on her body soon. My mom saw her ripping around the pasture yesterday too which is a GREAT sign as we really havent seen her run too much. She also noted that she has a pretty big buck, now that one could be a problem! Fingers crossed that we get her new fancy shoes on and we can start working!
waiting at the vet

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  1. Yah! I'm so glad that there doesn't appear to be a bigger problem. I think she just needs some TLC!!!