2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Horses, horses, horses...

My camera died after these two and I cant find cable :(
You get 1 step forward then take about 30 steps back! Ok maybe not that bad but it sure feels like it! Sky got her hooves trimmed the other day and dewormed today and I was planning to get the chiropractors number when my friend got back from a horse clinic and start there to figure out what her possible issue is but today when I went out to put her rain sheet on (yes rain sheet needed in the middle of July..) she was super swollen up past her fetlocks on both hinds. Yesterday when we were out getting Tolo ready for his new family she had one hoof rested and seemed to almost fall over at one point. So we are back to square one and I just dont feel right leaving her like this and having chiropractor work on her without solving her issues with the swelling first. So hopefully I can get an appointment tomorrow for a lameness exam and possible xrays or ultrasounds if needed. We will see. I will get some pictures today of her and post them!

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