2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunny Days and Good Ponies!

I have been loving the weather these days! Now that July has hit Oregon has decided to show some summer weather! Mystic has had a couple days off, I lunged him yesterday just because I wasnt really energized to ride and then I rode him today. We had a great ride! We are still struggling a little at the canter but he is making progress which makes me feel good. He makes me feel so bad because he waits at the gate almost all day for me sometimes. Now he is a Gypsy... and is in a grass pasture.... a large grass pasture.... with other horses... and he just sits there at the gate staring at the driveway. Poor guy! He is such a ham for attention :) I love that horse!

Then I came home and filled waters and scooped poop for my two at home. Rearranged some panels and put up some boards that the Princess had knocked down (good thing we got stronger boards already, just need to put them up). After that Princess Sky got a real bath and sprayed her owies and her mysterious gross things between her hind legs. Then I hand grazed her so she could dry so I could brush her off because if you leave the water just wet then it dries all gross and defeats the whole purpose of the bath! Tolo is next on the list for a bath but I am waiting till tomorrow because otherwise he would just get dirty again before his date with a possible new little girl to ride him.
I also put Sky and Tolo out together for the first time. They have been fence buddies and have seemed to like eachother so it was quite uneventful besides Tolo trying to get her to run and play with him lol. All in all the ponies were great today!
Her gross legs...

Tolo trying to play

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