2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monday is the day

Monday the farrier is coming out to put some shoes on Sky to see if it helps her. I had to go pick up some gel sedative from my vet because she has her kicking issues. I dont want to push the issue too much right now because I think some of it could be pain but you can bet once she gets those shoes on she will be back into boot camp for kicking! She continues to eat all her grain/beet pulp for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with her orchard grass hay. Let me tell you... if she is out of hay and has no grain you can bet she will be talking up a storm to you telling you all about how starving she is the minute she sees you! She is so cute! I made more progress with her mane yesterday, she was better about me pulling it yesterday then the other day but I dont blame her too much. It cant be the most pleasant feeling having your hair ripped out lol

Tomorrow Mystic gets to make his first xc schooling adventure! I cannot wait, it will be so much fun and there will be lots of pictures im sure. Hopefully I can get out to the barn early enough tomorrow to give him a bath so he looks presentable for his pictures :)

Alanna and I are headed up to Devonwood today to hang out with our NDF crew and watch Pants baby daddy compete!

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