2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, March 29, 2013

And back to work we go... tomorrow :)

Mystic has been thoroughly enjoying his naked pasture time this week! I have been a super neglectful mom and he hasnt been ridden since the expo. I went out and brushed him and re did his mane but thats about it. Luckily the weather has been super nice (for the most part) so he has been naked all week and boy can I tell he has been enjoying it! It was absolutely gorgeous today and is supposed to be nice tomorrow so he got his first sun screened nose of the year. We enjoyed a nice sunny night bareback trail ride tonight. Tomorrow? Back to real work. After a quick chat with our trainer tonight we have decided to go to our local pony clubs dressage league show in April and do 2nd level together! Lots of work to do :)

Tolo is also enjoying his extended time off work. He got a bath yesterday and has a wild man mane today but its pretty cute! My neighbors came out tonight and were telling me how happy they are that Tolo is back. They LOVED him being here before I first sold him and were sad when he left. The funny part is that Tolo and their dog Otto (an adorable yellow lab) are seriously best friend. I guess Tolo stood by the fence almost all day with his head on the ground letting Otto lick his ears, how adorable is that?! Hopefully I will catch it one day and get a picture. Then when I pulled in our driveway, coming home from seeing Mystic, I saw their little boy hand picking grass and feeding it to Tolo over the fence! They never even thought that he was blind! Its amazing to see the confidence he has gained just being a horse around here. Im starting to get my Tolo back :) Hopefully we can get him back undersaddle soon too. That wound be really nice!

Mystic and Tolos matching faces from tonight just with different ears!

Lazy eye and ear all on the same side haha!

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