2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just what I needed

I had a great ride on my pony tonight! I have been feeling quite over whelmed with the upcoming expo (totally unlike me!) and thinking there is no way we are ready for it. I had grand plans on jumping him tonight but by the time I got off work and to the barn I just wasn't feeling like setting up and tearing down fences. So I settled for a working bareback ride and he was awesome! I got my pony back :) After doing some of our dressage work I got some cones out and backed around them and side passed over them. We really havent done much backing or side passing so it was nice to see that he can do them whether or not they are gorgeous or not. Tomorrow is my moms birthday so Alanna gets to take him for a spin so I can take my mom to dinner.

Tolo continues to do really well. He thoroughly enjoys his pasture time and is wearing out his excuse for ripping his halter out of my hands when I try to let him go! I have potentially found a place to take him so I can start working him too. I am going to try to have the chiro out next week then start putting him back to work, got to get all that energy out somehow!

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