2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, March 1, 2013

Jealous much?

Oh my gosh did Mystic surprise me tonight or what. First I brought him in with a seapy and slightly swollen eye (left eye might I add... stupid eyes!). He also had mud all over himself, including his face! I got a warm wash cloth and washed his eye. It wasnt bad at all so I just planned on hoping on bridleless and having a nice quiet ride. Yeah... the pony had other plans! Not sure what got into him but right after getting his cookie after I hoped on he spun and took off for the door. I was clearly not going to stop him so I jumped ship. I normally would have stayed on but the door wasnt open to wide and I didnt feel like having my legs taken off! Luckily he stopped when I jumped off and I promptly shut the door and headed back to the barn to get his bridle. I do NOT want him learning he can do whatever he wants bridleless especially with less than a month till the expo! He then got to enjoy a hard working ride instead of a nice relaxing bareback one. He wont do that again! Since I have the best barn owner she came out and stained his eye just to make sure there were no scratches/punctures (there were none!). With all the recent events involving eyes I didn't want to chance it. Seems that he just took a face plant in the mud and got some gunk in it. I washed it again with a warm rag and will check it tomorrow. I will also hopefully have my pony back to normal! Maybe he found out his brother is back?!

Tolo had a great day today! It was so nice out. I came home during a break in class and took his blanket off and gave him a good brushing before taking out him to graze a little. He really enjoyed the attention and just stood with his lead rope over the fence (not tied) while I groomed him. He desperately need a bath and will get one tomorrow if the weather is nice. I also started working on his mane. It is a mess! I chopped some off and started pulling. It will be a long process but hopefully I will get it under control. I have been really happy to see how sensible he has been about me working on his blind side. When I went to put his blanket back on him tonight he walked right up to his gate waiting me. I took his blanket it and put it over his head and everything without haltering him and without him moving away from me! All those treats he has been getting from me have been paying off :) I can also walk away from his blind side and walk back to it and touch him without him reacting. Im excited to clean him up more tomorrow! Pictures promised!
Caught napping!
Shavings mustache 

Leg cocked as I was brushing him

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