2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It has been GORGEOUS here the last few days. It came at the perfect time too. Like almost 70 and sunny! I know it wont last so I am thoroughly enjoying it while it lasts.  The last few nights I went out and rode the pony and we got to both warm up and cool out by walking down the road outside and even rode in a t-shirt and summer breeches! The pony was great besides a few 'discussions' here and there about going forward and being more prompt in his transitions and such. He was getting quite relaxed about the whole thing in fact haha By the end we had a few really nice transitions and a canter that I could ride all day long, it felt so good! I have been so busy and scattered brained about the upcoming expo that I think we will wait till after the expo for our next lesson but I cant wait to have it. Then maybe a league show in April? Who knows!

Tonight was Tolos night! Since day light savings it is actually light outside when I get off work, but by the time I get home from riding Mystic it isn't. Since it was gorgeous tonight and the pony has gotten the last 4 days I decided to come home and clean Tolo up a little. His mane was a complete wreck when I got him back. It was super long and super thick (especially for a TB!). I chopped a lot of it off but even trying to pull it afterwards seemed pointless because it would take forever. Tonight I pulled the clippers out and shaved about half his mane off on the under side and started pulling again. Much more doable! Someday he will look like a sport horse again! Hopefully I can find a time to have the chiro out soon so I can start working him. He really needs to go back to work and thrives off attention from his people. Overall he is doing great!

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