2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beach Day!

Unlike our last beach adventure, yesterday was a blast! Decent weather (a little cold to start but once we got to galloping we warmed up!), awesome ponies, and basically an empty beach. After our little 'fun' on our last trip I wasnt sure what pony would think about going back into the ocean. He totally surprised me by marching right in! The best he has ever gone into it. Apparently he decided that since he made it out alive last time there is no stopping him now :) He has never been bad about going in but has definitely hesitated and needed some persuading to in the past.

I did some trotting/cantering in the water and down the beach before handing the reins over to Alanna so she could have a ride on him while April rode her steed Roz. Then they switched and April got to take a spin on him before I got him back to do a little end of the ride bridle less fun! He was being super good and the beach was pretty empty so I figured why not!? Besides trying to head back to Roz, who was just standing, at first he was awesome! After realizing that he had to listen to my legs he was a total stud! We trotted and cantered and even cantered in the water a little! SO. MUCH.FUN. Maybe next time we will go bareback and bridleless :)

On an unrealted note... we are officially IN for our first recognized 3 day event!! We will be doing BN at Inavale in 2 weeks (OMG did I really just do this?!?!). SUPER excited!

April and pony

The gang!

Flying pony!

Alanna riding

Me/Pony, Alanna/Roz

Cute little pony trot!


Good boy pats  :)


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