2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, June 21, 2013

Pony still holds the title

Yes, pony still holds the title for Worlds Best Pony! He has been AWESOME this week! After watching our wonderful trainer ride him the other week I bucked up and have really worked on riding him much stronger. Since I started doing that I have realized how weak I had been riding him and expecting him to do all the heavy lifting.  He goes around so nicely without a fuss no matter what which talks me into letting him fall on his forehand which makes canter to walks and collection work impossible! Since my new found riding abilities (who knew I could ride like this?!) we have had some seriously nice feeling rides! And our canter to walks? SO much better (I think at least. We will find out at our lesson on Monday).

I still dont think it has hit me that we are actually competing in our first recognized next week. Seems like yesterday when I brought home a fat little 3 year old :) Its amazing how far we have come together and im looking forward to showing him off in his new career and showing people that just because he is a fat drafty pony he can still run with the best of them!

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