2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hair care

Since I have had several people ask me about what I do to keep Mystics hair nice and growing I thought I would give yall a quick idea of what I do. It really isnt that much! Since he has been working hard all week and jumped yesterday I gave him today off work so he could have a rest day before his dressage lesson tomorrow. Instead I went out and did his hair!

One of the biggest points I can hit is that if you are trying to encourage your horses mane to grow (therefore keeping it braided) make sure it is clean! If you dont wash it the likelihood of them rubbing whole braids out is very high. I have never had a rubbing problem with Mystic, knock on wood!

Step 1: shampoo and condition!! Also be sure to thoroughly wash it all out. If you dont wash it good enough that will also make them rub.

Step 2: brush it out so you can run your fingers through it

Step 3: do large loose braids. I typically do 5-6.

Step 4: double mane up and zip tie. Obviously if their mane is only 12" you dont need to do this but Mystics longest braid is well over 3 feet long and drags the ground.

It really is as simple as that! I am at the point where I can leave his mane up like this for a week without having to redo it. By the end of that week it is definitely coming out and not pretty but it is all still up and off the ground. As long as you stay on top of it, it really doesnt get too hard to do.

I am super happy with MTG! He had this fungusy stuff right behind his knee on both fronts (same spot on both). Just one little spot on each that apparently a lot of other Gypsys also have. It hasnt ever bothered him but also hasnt gone away. This week I pulled out a bottle of MTG that I have and decided to give it a go. Today was day 4 of using it and it is totally gone already! We will see if it comes back and how long it takes if it does.

He gets ridden by our dressage trainer tomorrow night then maybe a Tuesday night walk up the hills? No slacking for the pony this month! He will have a nice little vacation after Inavale though :)


  1. I couldn't deal with all that hair, but it sure is pretty on him!

    1. Everyone tells me that! But if you would have known me before I had him you would know that I have said the exact same thing. It really isnt half as hard as everyone thinks it is!

  2. Thanks for this! Once I get a good routine down, I'll do a hair care post, too. :)