2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Feeling great!

Since Saturday the pony has had a pretty relaxed time. He got off free on Sunday and Monday (with just a 20 minute walk each day) except for a quick bareback trot in from the pasture to make sure he felt okay after a long Saturday. And wouldnt you know he felt awesome!! YAY for sound jumping ponies! He hasnt felt bad, but with our small issue last year that we never got an answer to you never know. Luckily it is looking like it was just a pulled/strained muscle instead of any bigger problem. Looks like Mystic gets to enter the big boy world of eventing soon :) Tuesday he got a 20 minute lunge. Something I rarely ever do anymore but I had to go ride someone elses horses after work and with it being hot I wasnt feeling up  to another ride.

This is the face the I got tonight as I was taking him up for our first working ride since our show. Clearly he was quite amused with the 80 + degree night and having to work haha! It actually turned out to be a great ride and he felt really, really good. I only rode for about 30 minutes but was working most of the time. He seemed to handle the heat super well and could have done more if I wanted to push him more but I wanted to start back nice and easy. We have a lot of conditioning work ahead of us anyways!

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