2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Getting ready

This week is all about getting ready for Inavale. I took Thursday off also so I dont have to worry about bathing, packing, cleaning, etc all after I would get off work. Plus Alanna, Alyssa, and I are heading out to Inavale on Thursday night to walk my xc course. That way when we arrive on Friday morning for dressage we dont have to worry about finding someone to hold him to go walk it, worry about timing, etc. Im hoping to make it as stress free as I can since it is 'stressful' enough just worrying about riding well!

Overall I feel pretty prepared. Definitely over prepared in some areas which is a really nice feeling. Even with his lack of jumping experience at shows (or course work) I feel good about that too. He really draws confidence from me so as long as I ride him well he will jump. The one area that we will be lacking is in conditioning. Yes he is decently hard work 5-6 days a week and for any other horse it would be fine for BN but with us having to do both dressage and xc in one day its not a matter of if he will be tired but a matter of how tired he will be. Luckily he is super willing and pushes through even when he is more tired. I think a real 3 day format will suit him best but I also plan on doing much harder conditioning work for our next one (whenever that should be). I am really looking forward to it and cant wait to see how he does!

We jumped today and after I got him moving out more he felt really good. I definitely get sucked into a nice relaxed hunter canter pace instead of a more forward working pace. Today I really pushed him forward and it felt much better. I did buy some spurs so hopefully they get here Monday. I ordered them awhile ago in hopes that I would have them in time to get some rides in before Inavale so I could use them there (mostly dressage). Fingers crossed!

Monday we have a dressage lesson, Wednesday we will jump again, Thursday we will have a light dressage ride before his bath and Friday we will be off bright and early!

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