2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, June 29, 2013

We like number not letter!

I am trilled to say that pony and I completed our very first recognized 3 day event! Although it wasnt without our disappointments the fact that it had nothing to do with how he performed makes it all better. Of course taking a victory lap with a pretty blue ribbon would have been the icing on the cake (and we would have easily done this without my brain fart) just knowing that my fat little pony and I jumped clear makes me smile! Really our main discussion about my little XC adventure is that it was really good that I didnt win. I mean I already have a 'big head' when it comes to my pony, if we would have won on our dressage score at our very first recognized there would be no stopping me! Especially since there was a horse that has previously competed up to prelim in our division. So for now I will hold onto the idea that we SHOULD have won :) In reality our 'win' was much bigger than any ribbon. This boy is going to be hard to beat with more miles and some better conditioning (these TB people take this stuff for granted! Fat Gypsys are ready to fall over dead after a weekend at BN!). We are ready to rock BN/N for the rest of our lives together!

Today was stadium day! Since my division didnt start till 4 20 we headed out earlier to watch the big boys do XC. Overall this year was a great year for everyone. I didnt hear/see the ambulance go out at all and although there were a few falls it seems like overall it wasnt bad. It is always fun to watch Intermediate! Just like yesterday today also got super hot, luckily we got to hang out in the shade for most of it but it was horrible when I had to ride. After picking up the pony we slowly got ready and headed out to warm up for a nice long walk while watching the couple divisions in front of us to see how it was riding. We popped over each jump (cross rail, vertical, and an oxer) a few times a piece and called it good. He felt great and was jumping really well  but really there was nothing that was going to fully prepare him for the real super dressed up and fancy stadium course. As I trotted him into our course his head shot up and he was looking at all the scary fences (Inavale is known for their stadium fences!). It was definitely not a gorgeous round. I buried him to some fences, got awkward distances to others, and over all he was sucking back. I was tired, he was tired and I did not give him a great ride. But the end result? Double clear! He took it all in stride and even though I knew he was terrified of some of them he put on his big boy pants and packed my butt around that course. It is most definitely the biggest and scariest course we have ever jumped. You can tell he is still pretty green to all this but he is so willing and trusting that it will only get better from here! I LOVE my pony :)

Dressage/XC pictures!

Finish line! Big smile even after I knew I blew our chances of winning

One thing you dont think about when planning for an event is how much your 'people' mean to you! I had an amazing support group this weekend with the biggest person being Alanna. She helped braid, walked/held my horse, helped tack up, brought me water when I looked like I was going to pass out, grabbed my horse after xc and stadium to walk him out, took pictures, etc. If I needed anything my 'people' were there to help! Today I had Alanna, my mom, our barn owner, and another boarder. It is really nice to have people who are willing to throw away their weekend to come stand in the heat all day running around just to help ensure you have a successful weekend. I honestly cannot imagine having to go to one of these alone (although I might be later this season!). I know it isnt as fun for them to come horseless, knowing they would rather be riding, but they still come to support me. I love my people! I love my pony! And I loved this weekend!

Video of all portions and stadium pictures to come :)


  1. Thanks Tarra. Everyone needs "people." This is just too hard of a sport to not have some support along the way. I expect return service when Emi and I are out and about. :)

    You are going to love your stadium video. The announcer actually said he looks like a big stuffed animal. I will work on it when I get home from seeing Emi.

  2. So sorry about your disappointment, but y'all have amazing things in your future! He is the cutest and I'm glad your first recognized event was a success :)

    1. It was a great success even if we didnt leave sporting our blue ribbon. Thank you :)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed following your weekend. What a great "pony" :-D. Congrats!!!