2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ready or Not...

Here we come! Pony got his bath and my tack got cleaned today. Hopefully he stays decently clean. I added more shavings to his stall in hopes that they would absorb more pee then he will!

Picking Daisies as his lovely locks dried :)

After Alanna and Alyssa got off work we headed out to Inavale to check in and walk my XC course. Its not the easier course I was hoping for but luckily I have a good pony! He will be an extremely tired pony by the end though. The fences are big (for BN at least!) but we have jumped most all of them already. The one thing I am worried about is a log that is set on top of a mound. Its like a drop off! If it were any steeper it would be a bank. Then right after thanking God that he gets me out of that one alive I have to make a super quick recovery and jump a large log into the woods. Other then that it will just be how game he gets throughout the course. There are some fences that come up quick or are around a corner (where lots of people/ambulances will be) that he might look at some but they are further into the course when he should know his job already. Id be lying if I didnt say I was nervous but im sure once we get going and the adrenaline gets a pumping it will be better :)

Our course!

The day has finally come! Pony better brace him self for tomorrow, its a big day!