2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boys and their balls...

Hahaha yup I said it! Mystic LOVES his big ball that I got him. Its quite funny actually. I loaned my riding boots out to a friend in my class who forgot hers, and my tall boots are still trying to recover from being completely soaked and filled with sand from our beach adventure so I had nothing to ride in. But I rode him bareback and bridleless last night because someone was trying a horse, someone else was riding, and someone was waiting. So I just gave up and called it a short but sweet ride. I had intended on playing with the ball last night but it didnt work.

So I brought it out tonight! There was another horse in the arena so I had to make sure she was not going to have a complete conniption over it (and she didnt). I just hoped on bareback but with his bridle on. I started out letting him push the ball around, went and did some work, pushed it around some more, did some work, etc. When we were working and went by the ball he would try to go over to it. And when I let him trot and kick the ball he kept speeding up to keep up with it. It was adorable. Then of course when Lola (the other horse) got close to the ball he had to remind her that it is HIS ball by giving her a nasty face. If I let him he would just follow it and kick it around the whole time. He is very reliable at kicking it and is quite good at it now. It is SO much fun :)

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