2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, February 18, 2013


As much fun as I have riding my steed it is also so much fun to watch our trainer ride him! Every time I see him go I think what a fancy 'little' pony I have. Not to mention you just cannot help but smile when you see him go, he is just too freaking adorable :)

He is coming along really nicely. There are some definite strong points in his work and definite weak points also. This weekend will be a good indicator of where he is currently at. We are not expecting a 68 % out of him, especially since some of the work is almost brand new but I hope to see some encouraging marks! We figured out tonight that we had not even started him on the canter serpentine but he actually did some really nice ones tonight! Another weak point are his simple changes since they are not on the circle. His walk to canter is better then the canter to walk. The positives are his shoulder-ins are coming along very nicely and are fairly easy for him now and his medium canter is good (and adorable!).

The plan is to give him a nice bareback walk tomorrow, ride on Wednesday and do some center line halts (getting him halting on his hind end and not just throwing himself down on his front end), ride on Thursday doing a few solid simple changes (between center and 1/4 line) each direction, go on a nice walk on Friday, then bath and show on Saturday!

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