2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is meant to be, will be

Tolo (my first rescue horse who has been with his new owner for 1.5 years) went into OSU today for an eye exam. The results came back what I expected after first seeing him today, he is completely blind in his left eye. I knew right when I saw him stepping off the trailer that he was most likely blind in it. He has completely changed and is very jumpy and unsure just on the ground. He has traveled a ton in his life both with me and with his new owner and used to be quite calm and cool in new places. It was extremely hard to see him like this, however, once inside and being examined he did seem to calm down and was standing with a hind leg cocked which is promising.

That being said he will be coming back to me. The super weird part about it all is that I named him after the horse from the movie The Long Shot. "Tolo", in the movie, is a dressage horse that goes blind and overcomes many obstacles to compete once again later down the road. Maybe we will have a similar ending?  I will have more information and pictures once he comes home. Until then.... Here are some pictures from when I had him:

On the feedlot destined for slaughter

Running down the beach was a favorite of both of us!

Cross country schooling! Little man can jump!

Winning a BN eventing derby, finishing on our dressage score

Also a dressage pony

Qualified for state all years I competed him 

Loves little kids


Just being handsome :)


  1. The picture of the two of you on the beach is stunning! Beautiful horse.

  2. Great job with him! Look up Stormy, the blind Appaloosa. He was in the Extreme Cowboy Race. Very cool!

  3. I love the pictures especially the beach one!

  4. Poor T! It's so sad that happened but how blessed he is to have you to come back to.