2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yup. The pony is acting like nothing at all happened to him, which is great! I opted to cancel our Monday lesson. I figure we have made it this far, what is one more week! I dont want to push him into a hard lesson after our drowning experience yesterday incase he is sore. I know I woke up with a sore leg so im sure he is a little sore, whether he shows it in the pasture or not.

I did go out today to check on him. Not only that but Alanna and I had a lot of tack to clean if we wanted to keep it from cracking from the salt water! He was happily grazing int he pasture and was happy to see me and get some apology carrots from me (I feel really bad this happened to him!). I brought him in, gave him a quick look over, brushed him, and sent him back outside. He was his normal cookies loving self and seems no worse for the wear. Horses really are amazing animals!

After turning him back out I got all my sandy tack out and gave it a good washing. I sprayed down his bridle, breast plate, and girth last night along with wiping down his saddle but I didnt actually clean it. So I brought it back out to actually clean it. Its amazing how much sand was still in/on it all!

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