2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hair Day

Today Mystic got his mane and tail washed. His mane hasnt been done in way to long because of the really cold weather. Even though we have hot water in our wash rack it was so cold outside I would have felt bad while he was drying. The other day I noticed that there was a small chunk that had been rubbed out of his mane (that was still all braided and vet wrapped up). So today since it was decent outside I took it down and washed it, he was loving it! It was clearly all itchy. It looked much better after it was clean!
The process:

Although his tail is growing, its not fast enough for me! He has a show in 2 weeks and it is going to look so bad. Im actually contemplating just keeping it braided. Im not sure which is less 'classy" LOL! I will check with our trainer and see which she would prefer. He had such a gorgeous tail! I wouldnt mind if it was more uneven on the bottom but it is a huge chunk in the front middle of it...
Bad pic of it but the black hairs are the center of his tail. It is about half the length of the rest of his tail
After getting his mane and tail washed we went on a nice 20 minute bareback walk outside to let him dry out before I zip tied and vet wrapped his mane all up.

We have a lesson tomorrow that I am looking forward to!


  1. I don't think his tail looks too bad! His mane is absolutely gorgeous :)

  2. Connor has black hairs through the center of his flaxen tail too. It drives me crazy, because it never looks totally clean, even when it is.

  3. I think his tail looks okay :D and his mane is absolutely stunning I love it!

  4. I don't think his tail looks bad at all! It's interesting to see his mane braided up like that, coming from a hunter background I don't have any experience with long manes.

    1. I didnt either until I got him! It has been a learning experience for sure!