2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love my horse!

He was so good tonight after his lesson on Monday! We kept it short in sweet, strict orders not to over due it this week :) We played with some centerline halts and getting a prompt trot transition after. They played with them on Monday and he needed work sitting into the transition instead of plopping onto his front end and throwing his butt around. I think we got some good ones tonight and got some nice trot departures also! Over we had a nice forward and attentive ride! We got a new warm up program at my last lesson trotting on a shallow loop from wall towards x back to the wall with changing his bend. It had really helped loosen him up! We start out by doing really shallow ones and as he gets more warmed up I demand more bend and start asking for some leg yield towards x. It seems to really be helping us! It is always nice to be able to go out after work and have a nice enjoyable ride on your perfect pony!

I am starting to get ready for Tolo to come back (Sunday). I went and got him a pretty purple halter today, just like old times! And of course got some mane and tail detangler spray. No bad hair allowed around this place! I had bought him a new blanket but his Auntie Alanna has one for him so I returned the other one. Now just need to pick up his grain and some bedding and get his stall put together. Hopefully I can con my unsuspecting brother into helping me tomorrow :)


  1. Wilco has grain on sale through the end of February.

    1. I know! Shavings too. I just didnt have room in Ellen!

  2. I love this, glad that you had a good ride, and I bet you'll be glad to see Tolo back :)