2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The one that started it all

In May of 2007 I got my first rescue horse, a scrawny dark bay 3 year old TB gelding that was barely halter broke. He was small (14.3 maybe?), I got him for $300 with no parent there to okay it, and I was now the proud owner of a scared neglected pony named Splendor. The first thing to go was his name! We changed it to Tolo, the horse from the movie The Long Shot.

After a near death experience for him right after getting him he was put on 5 months stall rest/hand walking. The best thing that could have happened to us in the long run! After fully recovering we had our first ride under saddle on February 5th of 2008 after a few months solidifying his ground work. Fast forward 4 years and we had numerous blue ribbons and had qualified for state in both dressage and jumping for 2 years of OHSET and dressage for our final year placing in the top of our district.

He decided that eventing wasnt going to be his thing and since he was too small for me anyways, and I had already gotten Mystic, I decided that I would find him the perfect dressage home. I found a good home for him and have kept in touch with them for the almost 2 years they have owned him. They had been having trouble with him being spooky (never an issue before, he was very laid back guy) and recently found out he may be blind in one eye due to some kind of trauma they had been trying to treat for some while now. He is set to go into OSU for a work up but it is looking like he may be coming back home to me. He is a horse I have always said that if they ever needed to get rid of him I wanted him back. He was the one that started it all and part of my heart will always be his! I told his owner that I would take him back in a heart beat. Obviously my main man is Mystic and it will stay that way. We are playing this whole situation day by day and will assess how bad it is should he end up coming back to me. So there may be a "new" face showing up here soon.
Us at the beach in 2010

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  1. It's a lovely story that you two had, I look forward to hearing what happens :)