2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What a day

Alanna and I made a spontaneous choice to head to the beach with the ponies today since the weather was supposed to be gorgeous. We were both super excited and ready for a nice beach ride! We got there and got the boys tacked up. Both were great coming off the trailer (normal for both) and before long we were tacked up and heading out to the beach. Mystic settled in and I think he remembered the place and led Chevy to down the trail to the ocean. After a few mintues of letting Chevy take in the scenery once we got there we headed down to the water. It was GORGEOUS outside. Definitely the best beach day we have ever had with our horses! The tide was low, the sun was out and it was just perfect.

After walking down the beach a little we headed for the water. Mystic doesnt like the foam on the edge of the waves but quickly got over it and was in the water in no time with Chevy following close behind. Happy with how they were doing we decided to start walking down the beach a ways so we could start trotting/cantering and getting some pictures. As we looked over a bigger wave was coming so we turned the boys away and started trotting away from it, not quick enough though. As it hit them it was over knee high. Chevy spun and ran further into the ocean and Mystic shot forward before stopping. I think what happened was that once he stopped the sand under neath him began to fall (like if you go and stand in the water) and he started scrambling to get up and out of the water. After scrambling around he got swept into the water and fell down. As he went down I slid off and had my foot caught in the stirrup and we got swept out a little further. Finally my foot came loose and I was able to grip the bottom with my hands and get up to see Mystic had made it up and was trotting out (first sight of relief!). Then I turned to my right to see where Alanna and Chevy ended up. They had made there way back towards the beach a little more (not so belly deep in the ocean swimming their way to China!) and Alanna and jumping off as I was standing up. Somehow she lost her footing while jumping off and she also ended up on the ground and Chevy and Mystic took a little gallop down the beach together.

Luckily by the time we reached them (we had to walk all the way back down the beach!) they were content and just standing there like nothing happened at all. Mystic had broken his reins and one of my stirrup pads had come off when my foot was stuck. My saddle/pads were covered in water and sand but both boys were so happy to see us and seemed no worse for the wear. After gathering ourselves (and removing any sopping wet clothing) we walked them on foot down to the water and had them walk in with us just to let them know it was okay before heading back to the trailer. Afterall who wants to ride soaking wet, covered in sand, with broken reins?! We were both SO happy to see both boys were okay and that I hadnt drowned and Alanna and Chevy were not washing up on Chinas shore! Definitely a memory that will stick with us forever!


  1. Wow, that adds a new, more alarming note to beach riding! Glad to hear both boys (and the two of you!) ended up alright, and hope the the reins... ends up alright too.

  2. It was really cool to read that same story from both you and Alanna's perspectives!

    1. We were talking about this because we really couldnt remember everything that happened, just the general stuff. Not to mention we were both focusing on getting us and our horse out alive!

  3. I actually laughed out loud reading this. What a day! I'm still glad we went.

  4. I found your blog after link-hopping, and read down the posts to this one. Thank goodness; I've NEVER had such adventure on a beach ride!

    I used to ride on the beach often and miss it so much. But homeschooling really cuts into my free time; ha! I promised myself I would ride my new horse before bringing him home (from where I got him in Lincoln City), but that didn't work out. But I will haul him back someday! All the friends I used to beach-ride with have moved, gotten out of big horses or gotten full-time jobs, so I'll have to persuade my 11-year-old son to go with me.

    Based on the shows on your blog, we must live in the same general area. I live halfway between McMinnville and West Salem. I'm taking my new guy to his first show (Bears Above the Ground) this month.

    Michelle, Dances With Horses